How can we raise over $3,500 within 2 hours, and provide all our supporters with lots of fun at the same time? With a Strike Zone Bowl-a-thon of course!!!


All you need to do is get together a minimum of 20 people (parents, children, supporters, club members) to bowl two games of Tenpin Bowling.

Each bowler will have to find a minimum of 10 friends or family members to sponsor them 10 cents for every pin knocked over during their 2 games of tenpin bowling.

Each bowler will more than likely knock down 100-150 pins per game, if not more (200 pins over two games would cost your sponsor on $20 bucks).


20 people knock over 200 pins over 2 games = 4000 pins

Each person gets 10 sponsors at 10 cents per pin = $1 per pin

You raise a total of = $4,000

Deduct the cost of the venue at $20 per bowler = $400

This leaves for your organisation = $3,600

This is based only on the minimum 20 people... the more people you get to take part and the more sponsors each person gets, the more you will raise!

We will provide the venue, shoes, sponsorship forms, and score sheets of your games (so that you can work out what each sponsor owes!)

Subject to lane availability.

Call to discuss now 07 777 2155