Have you found yourself addicted to tenpin? Join a league!

League bowling is a weekly competition where you can play by yourself or in a team with others.
There are a lot of benefits to bowling in a league. Not only will you get to hang out with your mates, or meet new people, but you'll also discover how much fun tenpin can be as a sport!

Our League Member Benefits are...

  • League games are super cheap and most of our leagues play for cash!
  • Practice games outside of your league bowling are only $6.00 per game! Plus ask us about our 'per hour' league practice rates.
  • 15% discount at the Strikezone Bar
  • Access to coaching and the chance to own your own bowling balls!
  • Affiliation to the national body - Tenpin Bowling New Zealand

What is League Bowling?

Our Leagues meet on a regular basis (normally once a week) where you play either socially or competitively against other bowlers. Teams can be either 1, 2, 3, or 4 bowlers (depending on the league) and play 2-3 rounds per year.

Like most other sports, each team plays a different team each week. Points are given to a team every week for winning individual & team games. Most of our leagues are handicapped (similar to a golfing handicap), so that everyone plays on an even field.
Our league costs include lane fees plus a contribution towards a prize fund that gets paid out to the winning teams at the end of each round.

League bowlers consist of people of all age groups, of all walks of life and of all levels of athletic skill. Some leagues compete for trophies, some for cash - but all of them compete for the fun of bowling.

Each league is different and has its own unique "personality". Our staff will be more than happy to help you find the PERFECT league!