“The Zone” at Motion Entertainment Competition with Strikezone, Megazone and Refuel Cafe & Bar


1. What’s the prize?
One of two Quad Bikes as displayed within Motion Entertainment throughout the duration of the competition.

2. Entry period.
10am Saturday 7 July 2018 to 6pm Sunday 22 July 2018. Only valid entries received during this time will be accepted.

3. Conditions of entry.
To enter the competition, you must do (or be) all of the following:
· Enter via the Entry Boxes located at StrikeZone, MegaZone & Refuel counter area.
· Be a New Zealand resident.

To receive an entry form, you must meet one of the following criteria;
Purchase Two Games of StrikeZone (per person) within one transaction. The price for this is $25 each.
Purchase Two Missions of Lasertag at MegaZone (per person) within one transaction.
Spend $40 at Refuel Cafe & Bar in a single transaction.
Add a second game of Tenpin to a pre-paid StrikeZone Design Your Day (from Motion Entertainment) entry ticket.
Add a second mission of Lasertag to a pre-paid MegaZone Design Your Day (from Motion Entertainment) entry ticket.

4. Choosing a winner. The winner will be drawn at random by AJS 2010 Ltd on Sunday 22 July after 6pm. We’ll contact you via phone and email. If we don’t hear from you in 48 hours we’ll have to select another winner.

5. Special rules for the winner.
You will need to collect the prize within 14 days of winning (otherwise you will forfeit the prize).

6. Promoter AJS 2010 Ltd is running this competition for StrikeZone Tenpin Bowling, MegaZone Lasertag and Refuel Cafe & Bar.

7. The competition details above and these competition rules form the terms and conditions for the competition (the Rules).

8. By entering the competition, you agree to the Rules. If you don’t agree to them, please don’t enter.

9. Until a prize is awarded, AJS 2010 Ltd can cancel or change the competition or any of the Rules at any time for any reason. Changes will take effect when they are posted in the Rules.

10. AJS 2010 Ltd has the final say on the competition and the Rules.

11. We need to make sure our competitions are all above board, so unfortunately you’re not allowed to enter if you’re connected to AJS 2010 Ltd, AJS Catering Ltd, employees of tenants within the Motion Entertainment complex or the competition. This applies to these people’s immediate families and flatmates.

11a. Entries will not be accepted from transactions whereby a group discount rate is being used. For example, but not limited to, League Rates, School Holiday Program Rates, Staff and Industry rates are excluded.

12. Multiple entries are encouraged.

13. We can disqualify you if we think that you have breached any of the Rules.

14. You agree we can keep your entry, and use it however we want (including to promote our attractions and the competition). This includes photos and artwork you may submit with your entry.

15. You agree that we can publish your name and location in connection with the competition. You also agree that we can take photos and videos of you to use for publicity purposes.

16. We won’t be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by you or anyone else in connection with the competition or your use of the prize (if you win).

17. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. If our competition is derailed for any reason, like infection by computer virus, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failures or zombie apocalypse, we’ll have the right to cancel, postpone or change the competition.

18. AJS 2010 Ltd respects privacy rights under the Privacy Act 1993. That means there are a bunch of rules that we stick to, particularly around collecting your personal information.

19. These Rules and the competition will be run under NZ law.

20. If we can’t get hold of you within 48 hours of the prize draw, we’ll have to select another winner. So make sure you check your email and keep your phone handy!

21. Unfortunately prizes can’t be traded in for cash or credit at attractions.

22. Prizes are personal to the winners and can’t be transferred to someone else unless we agree. If you can’t accept the prize for any reason, we can award the prize to another winner.

23. If you’re disqualified for any breach of these Rules (e.g. we find out you don’t match the eligibility criteria), we’ll choose another winner.

24. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we need to change a prize. If we do this, we’ll swap it out for something which is worth the same (or even more!).

25. If we ask, you agree to appear in a promo (for free) for AJS 2010 Ltd.

26. Sometimes there can be tax implications with winning a prize. We wouldn’t want there to be any surprises for you, so suggest you talk to someone about this before you accept the prize.

27. Except as expressly set out above, the prize doesn’t include the cost of collection or additional equipment required to make use of the prize - for example, you’ll need a helmet!